Pool Exercises That Help You Burn Calories

You want to burn calories to get rid of a few pounds. You don’t have to go to a gym or hop on your treadmill. You can just jump in a pool or step into a spa.

The Advantages of Aquatic Exercises

Water supports some of your weight as you exercise. You don’t put as much pressure on your joints and bones. You still burn fat. You just don’t have to work as hard.

Swimming Laps

Like running sprints back and forth in the gym or running laps around a track, swimming laps is an effective exercise, and you work your muscles. Alternate swim strokes to challenge different muscles. Establish a 30-minutes routine three times a week and stick to it.

Your Personal Gym

Swimming pool contractors built your pool not just to enjoy but to improve your health with regular exercise. Spa builders make their products large enough for you to do many of your pool exercises in your spa. Spa contractors make spas designed for exercise.

Jogging in the Water

Pool and spa contractors provide you a running track. There’s no need to run in the hot sun or drive to the gym. Run in a zig-zag pattern to the end of the pool and then run through the current you created. Run in place in your spa. This exercise strengthens your leg and core muscles.

Water Plank

You can do a plank in the water just as if you were on land. Place both hands on a noodle, lean forward, and raise your legs. This exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles.

Climb the Pool Wall

Paddle your hands back and forth as you move your feet up and down the side of the pool. This exercise uses your core and back muscles.

One-Leg Stand

Place one of your feet in the middle of a noodle and balance on that leg. This strengthens your leg and core muscles. Make the exercise more challenging by raising your hands as you balance yourself.

Fly-Backs in the Water

With one knee bent and the other leg stretched behind you, reach your arms straight out in front of you. Open your arms straight out to your sides and then return them to the front of your body. This exercise works on the muscles in your upper chest, back, and your arms.

Water Exercises Using a Ball

Some water exercises are done using an inflated ball:

  • Hold the ball in front of you as one leg is bent and the other is extended behind you.
  • Hold the ball in front of you and lift one knee.
  • Hold the ball in front of you as you run across the pool.
  • Tuck the ball under one arm as you run around the pool.

These exercises build your core muscles.

Convenient Exercise

Pool and spa builders in Orlando, FL, give you one less excuse for not exercising. Not only can you shed a few pounds while exercising in your pool or spa, you can strengthen your muscles and build your cardio endurance.