How Do Pool Pavers Add Security to Pool Decks?

Installing pool pavers with swimming pool builders in Orlando, FL, is a fantastic way to make your pool area stand out. No matter what your current landscaping or decor looks like, there’s a pool paver that will work for you. Pavers come in several different materials such as concrete, brick, natural stone, and more. Each material has a unique and varied subset of stunning designs and colors. However, if you have children or elderly family who frequently enjoy your pool, your number one concern just may be safety. Won’t such sleek and glistening material in your pool area create a slipping hazard for your loved ones?

The answer is a resounding no. Pool pavers installed by the best pool builders around are actually one of the most secure ways to create a safe walking area around the perimeter of your pool. This is one of the greatest benefits of installing pool pavers, along with low installation and maintenance costs and the sheer variety of choices. Since they’re specifically designed for pool areas, pool pavers are also designed to be durable and slip-resistant.

Not convinced? Keep reading. Here are a few reasons that installing pool pavers with a custom pool builder in Orlando, FL, will actually make your pool more secure.


Part of the pool paver installation process for brick, stone, or concrete pool builders is to seal the pool pavers. The sealant prevents superficial damage to the pool pavers, such as mold growth or stains and provides the material with an attractive sheen.

You may be worried, however, that the sealant will make the surface of the pool pavers slick and the surface will become slippery when wet. It won’t. The sealant provides a slip-resistant matte surface that will make your pool pavers even safer than they would be untreated. Sealant makes your pool pavers low maintenance and safe in one fell swoop.

Pool pavers 2

Protection from Natural Elements

Lesser materials and untreated pavers can experience environmental erosion over time. This is especially true when the temperature changes. Extreme cold and hot temperatures can cause certain materials to crack, creating a tripping hazard right next to your pool. This isn’t an issue with pool pavers, which maintain their temperature better than untreated concrete. Also, in the event that one of the pool pavers sustains damage, they’re much easier to fix than traditional materials. This is because the contractor can attend to a part rather than the whole.

Sand Filler

Between your pool pavers is sand filler. The sand filler holds your pool pavers in place and also gives them the room they need to expand and retract without sustaining damage. This method of connecting pavers makes your pool area safer by preventing cracks and keeping each individual paver securely in place. Other materials such as tile can present a tripping hazard if the individual pieces are prone to movement while under pressure. With pool pavers, as long as you keep the sand filler replenished, this will never be an issue.

Call your favorite custom swimming pool builder in Orlando, FL, today to create a pool deck that’s both beautiful and secure.