Pool Screen Enclosure Roof Types

They say that variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to roofs, there are several stylish choices that can add a little visual zest to your new pool screen enclosure. Which type of roof will you choose? When pondering pool screen enclosure roof types, it’s also important to consider the architectural design of your home and how your pool enclosure will best match your home.

In an effort to provide you an understanding of the roof styles, we’ve put together a list of the top roof styles for a pool screen enclosure.

Mansard Roof
The most popular roof for pool screen enclosures, mansard roofs feature a middle section that is flat and sides that slope down from this level area to the walls. What do so many people choose this style for their enclosures? The design generates a feeling of wide, open spaciousness. This roof style is definitely the most popular choice among homeowners.
Dome Roof
A beloved classic that’s instantly recognizable even to people who know nothing about architectural design, dome roofs provide an airy atmosphere and a soaring elegance that delights the eye. Their gentle slopes and graceful architecture also hold up extremely well when the wind blows, enabling them to weather Florida’s storms without much complaint.

Gable Roof
Sometimes referred to as an A-frame roof, a gable roof is composed of two sloping slides that come together at the peak to form a triangle. Gable roofs top many Florida homes, so using one for your pool enclosure can be a good way to ensure that the new structure complements your existing architecture.

Hip Roof
With four sides that angle up to a single central point, hip roofs sit atop pool enclosures like graceful pyramids. Like dome and mansard roofs, they offer a sense of airiness, and their smooth lines and solitary peak give the appearance of extra height as well. The sloping sides also make this a wind-resistant roof design that stands up well to Florida’s occasionally stormy weather.

Shed Roof
With a shed roof, the highest point isn’t in the middle. It’s on one side. Like a gable roof cut in half along its peak, a shed roof has a single plane that angles down from a high edge to a low one. If you’d like to incorporate your pool enclosure’s roof into your existing roofline by tucking it below your home’s roof, a shed roof is a smart pick.

Two-Story Roof
If you have a two-story home, then a two-story roof might be just the thing for your pool enclosure. This style offers amazing height and can even be used to enclose a second-floor balcony. It can be challenging to design and build, so make sure that you have an experienced contractor at the helm of your project.

Custom Roof
When you use an experienced contractor, there’s no need to restrict yourself to one specific type of roof. A trusted pool screen enclosure professional can merge various styles to create a custom roof that is an ideal fit for your property.

As you can see, there are many pool screen enclosure roof types to choose from.  When it boils down to it, your personal preference will play a huge role in what you choose.  What you might find is some roof types complement your home’s architecture better than others.   That might be a good starting point.  If you are still unsure, please call us.   We are happy to help.

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