Preparing for a Pool Builder Showroom Consultation

Once you’ve decided that you want to build a pool, you’ll want to schedule an initial consultation in a pool builder showroom. However, before you set up your appointment, it can be helpful to prepare for your consultation ahead of time. Settling on a budget, taking pictures of your backyard and surveying the soil in your yard are just a few ways that you can prepare for your consultation and minimize the amount of time building a pool will require.

Establish a Budget
As with most home improvement projects, settling on a budget is one of the most important early steps that you can take. Establish a range of how much you’re willing to spend will help your pool builder narrow down the possible design choices to show you. It’s just as important to establish a minimum as it is a maximum price for your new swimming pool. By setting this budget range, It will also help you decide on the essential features for your pool.  Additional features can include LED lighting, water features as well as the equipment that you’ll install to support it. Establishing a budget range early on will ensure that you and your pool builder are on the same page from the very beginning.

Decide Upon Features
Another important way to prepare for your consultation at the pool builder showroom is to decide which features you’d like to have for your pool. Swimming pool features include LED lighting, water features, solar heating or rock islands. Making a decision about these features will help guide your pool builder towards creating designs that will meet with your approval and can help them create a more accurate quote for your final design.

Survey Your Yard
The composition of the soil in your yard, the location of underground utilities and the slope of your yard can all impact your pool installation. Although you don’t need to go into the pool builder showroom with the full results of a site survey, having one performed ahead of time can reduce the amount of time it will take to get your pool built. Having your site survey with you when you meet with your pool builder will give them a thorough understanding of the restrictions of your backyard.  They will take the site survey into consideration when addressing the design of the pool as well as the surround areas.

Bring Photos
In this case, photos are really worth 1000 words.  Current photos of your backyard will help your pool builder visualize where your pool can be located as well as help them select materials and designs that work with the layout of your yard. Try to take photos from a number of different angles to give your pool builder as complete a view as possible. Don’t limit yourself to the section of your yard that you think will be the site of your pool. Including photos of your entire yard will ensure that your pool doesn’t clash with any aspect of your yard, and your consultant may be able to identify a better spot for your pool than you had initially envisioned.

After your pool design consultation, you should have a better understanding of the building process and are ready for an on-site consultation to prepare an accurate estimate. If you’d like to move forward with making your pool into a reality, contact American Pools & Spas today at 407-847-9322  to set up a showroom consultation. As a leading Orlando pool builder, we can build you the pool of your dreams.