Preparing to Build a Screen Enclosure

Most things start off simply as ideas before they’re actually materialize. If you’ve thought about building a pool or patio screen enclosure, then you’ve probably already considered its advantages and how you and your family could benefit from having one.

However, before you can sit back and enjoy your new pool cage or patio enclosure, you need to prepare for the build so that the process can go as smoothly as possible.

You need to consider these three steps in preparing your budget, your time and your responsibility.

Preparing for a Patio Screen Enclosure in 3 Steps

1. Create and stick to your budget.

You may already have a monthly budget for your bills and expenses. You’ll want to create a similar budget when it comes to your pool or patio screen enclosure. Having a budget in place helps you plan and make smart decisions about what you should and should not include in the build. Because you can choose between various roof styles, mesh types and accessories, it’s easy to get carried away and spend more than you expected to. Even with a small budget, you can get a quality screen enclosure built now.

2. Pick the right time to have the screen enclosure built.

It can take quite some time to build a screen enclosure from start to finish. Choose a date that work best with your schedule. If you enjoy barbecuing every weekend during July, you may want to postpone the build until the following month. Even a small enclosure takes more than a day to be completed, so plan ahead. Keep in mind that inclement weather, getting permits and other factors can also factor into the time it takes to build a screen enclosure. Leave yourself at least a few weeks of planning and construction time.

3. Understand the screen enclosure building process.

You should know what to expect before the building process begins. Talk with the contractor beforehand, and ask questions regarding the items that you’ll need to provide in order to start the build.

  • Will you need to get a building permit?
  • Will you need approval process from your HOA?
  • Will you need to remove all items from the area before construction takes place? (by the way, the answer is Yes)

During your initial consultation, you should not only receive a quote for the enclosure but also information pertaining to any permits or contracts as well as things that you’ll need to do before the project can start.

Enjoying Your New Screen Enclosure from American Screen Contractors

Once the builders have left your property, it’s time to enjoy your screened pool or patio enclosure. Make the space uniquely your own by adding new outdoor furniture, decor and other accessories. Remembering these three steps will make the project much easier on you, your family and your budget.

Let us help you enjoy the most of your outdoor living space. Our goal is to help you enjoy your pool area to the fullest while we create your very own backyard oasis.   Call us today at 407-847-9322 to get a free estimate.