Preparing Your Swimming Pool for Hurricane Season

When it comes to severe weather, tropical storms and hurricanes, preparedness is key. From experience, Floridians know the best way to prepare for any weather event is to start well in advance, not just in the few hours before a major storm moves into the area.

Here’s an easy to follow checklist to help you prepare and protect your swimming pool, hot tub and patio area for hurricanes. These steps will help keep your family and pets safe too.

  • Trim all your trees and bushes around or near the swimming pool/hot tub area. Clear out any foliage that is dead or may be hanging over the pool, hot tub or patio.
  • Major storms bring heavy rains. Make sure water drains from the deck as quickly as possible. Test how well your deck drains ahead of time by wetting it down with a garden hose and watch how quickly the water disappears. If water is slow to drain (or not draining) clean the plastic slotted deck drains and skimmers. You want maximum water to flow off of your deck, especially during heavy rains.
  • Store pool toys, decor and patio furniture properly and securely. Don’t let them become flying projectiles around your swimming pool area. Close patio umbrellas when not in use to prevent the wind from hoisting it up and taking flight. This prevents the possible damage to your pool screen enclosure.
  • DO NOT DRAIN YOUR POOL!  Emptied ‘dry’ swimming pools may experience serious damage and structural problems. In the most extreme cases, swimming pools can even be lifted off their foundations. Keeping sufficient water levels in your pool keeps weight in place to hold the sides and bottom in place, as well as protecting the surface from any debris that may fall in during a storm.
  • At the circuit breaker, turn off power to the swimming pool equipment: pump, motor, lighting, chlorinators, etc.

Post-storm:  Clean out debris from swimming pool to keep it from staining permanently.  check out the electrical system. Inspect pool pump and motor for damage.

  • Give the motor at least 24 hours to dry. If removing the pool equipment before the storm was not an option, and it was drenched or underwater, have it checked out by a licensed, insured pool repair company.
  • Considering the amount of rain and/or debris that’s fallen, it’s time to balance water pH, super chlorinate the pool and run the filter until the swimming pool water becomes clear.
  • Finally, you’re the safety of your family and pets are your immediate priority. If it appears your pool may have sustained damage during the storm, it is always best to call in a swimming pool professional to assess the safety and integrity of the pool before use.

As you can see, with a few precautionary tips, you can have both a secure and safe swimming pool area this hurricane season.

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