See How Easily You Can Add A Spa To Your Existing Pool

Your home and lifestyle is unique. Reflecting who you are, your family and your interests. While adding an attached spa to an existing pool is a popular renovation in Florida, the reasons why you want a spa are distinctly unique. Maybe you’d like to add a spa for health reasons, or perhaps for social and entertaining reasons, and also for improving your quality of life at home. Please keep in Mind, American Pools and Spas does new construction only, adding a spa to an existing pool is not a service we provide as that is considered a renovation due to existing plumbing. This blogpost is to help influence your decision if you are weighing your options on doing a pool only or a pool/spa combination for your backyard space.

With the addition of a spa to your pool, you’ll be able to relax with privacy, spend enjoyable time with family, entertain your friends and feel healthier and happier at home. You and your family will enjoy the hot water, soothing massage, and invigorating hydro-therapy provided by the spa jets.

Spa Design and Poolside Living

Take a look at our pool and spas gallery and you’ll see that nothing enhances the design and functionality of your swimming pool quite like a spa. With the right design, a spa can transform your pool and outdoor living space into a luxurious oasis to enjoy whenever you please. There’s no limitation to your imagination when it comes to spa design. You might be surprised to know that adding an attached spa to your inground swimming pool is not as complicated as it may seem.

The professionals at American Pools & Spas bring years of residential pool and spa construction experience to every job. You’ll be delighted by the well designed, beautifully constructed spa we add to your backyard space. Here are important facts to know about adding on a spa:

Advantages of an In-Ground Attached Spa

Outdoor Pool BuilderOne of the immediate advantages of an attached spa is the connection to the existing swimming pool water circulation system. This is important because it allows for the addition to blend seamlessly into your pool’s water and design layout. With an attached spa, you can have your pick of choices for lighting, spa jets, spa size, air blowers (for bubbles) and more. Thanks to custom design and fabrication, there are a variety of ways a spa may be added to your pool:

  • Spillover Spa: This design is the easiest option to incorporate the addition to your existing pool. Spillover spas are classics and an elegant design choice when placed directly adjacent to the pool, allowing for the spa and pool water to mingle together. This means you will only need one pump for both the pool and spa, plus it reduces the maintenance.
  • Naturalistic Spa: By contrast the naturalistic spa can be attached or detached and integrated in as part of the backyard landscaping. This style of spa will often have water features, rocks and plantings to enhance the tropical-like feeling of tranquility for relaxation. It’s up to you on how you want to design your own perfect oasis!

Typically the attached spa is connected to the existing pool equipment, so your new spa will use the same water as the pool. A key advantage of the attached spa is the reduced maintenance – no separate testing or PH level balancing is required, making your life easier and reducing monthly costs. See our extensive gallery of in-ground attached spas.

Advantages of a Above Ground – Detached Spa / Hot Tub

Installing a detached spa is a great alternate for many homeowners. Perhaps you want the addition to be self-contained or simply would like the spa to be in a different location in your backyard. By choosing a detached spa, we will not need to renovate or work with your existing pool shell. The spa will be installed as a separate unit directly beside your pool or another area.

Here are the top reasons why homeowners choose a detached spa:

  • Location: Since the spa unit is separate it may be installed closer to your patio, in a quiet corner of your backyard or even next to your bedroom. Many homeowners also design their landscape with different focal points and activity areas in mind.
  • Cost: Adding an inground attached spa as a renovation, meaning after your pool has already been built, will take much more time and money to complete. These factors may influence your decision on what will work best for you and your needs at home.

Keep in mind, since it is not connected to the existing pool, you’ll need to install separate pumps, filtration equipment and chemically treat/maintain different water. American Pools and Spas recommends the spa water to be tested daily, using a test strip kit or liquid testing kit. Lastly, the water in the detached spa should be changed every 1-3 months, depending on usage.

Enhance Your Backyard Swimming Pool By Adding A Spa

Whether you choose an attached or detached spa, we can create a unique look to complement your home and lifestyle. Contact us today with your questions about quality spa design, custom options, great spa features and more. Please fill out the short contact us form to set up your Free Estimate or call us: (407) 847-9322.