Small Pools for Small Backyards: It Is Possible to Build a Small Backyard Pool

We’ve heard it many times before: “I think our yard may be too small for a pool.”  We can build small pools for small backyards.  Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing.  Your yard may not be too small after all.

Small Pools are Possible!

Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider installing a small backyard pool to enjoy year round in Central Florida. Not only will a small pool visually enhance your exterior space, it will also create an area for fun outdoor activities with the kids or simply for relaxation for the adults.

The Solution For A Small Backyard (And Unused Space)
Often times, homeowners with small backyards let much of the space go unused because it simply isn’t enough space to build a small backyard pool. Or so they think.  They might put out a couple of deck chairs, or a bench and a table, just to fill in the space. Some homeowners may even think a small pool might look odd or overwhelm a small backyard space. The fact is, a well-designed and constructed small pool not only increases your family’s enjoyment of your home but also the value of your property. Consider reclaiming that unused space and create a refreshing oasis for your family.

Even if your backyard offers nothing more than a small area of grass and a fence or wall along the backside, we can design your swimming pool so that one or more edges of the pool run right up to that property boundary. By giving up pool entry on one side, you can easily make best use of your space in the yard.

Small pools can be as beautiful and functional as their larger counterparts. And in most cases the cost of building a small backyard pool is quite reasonable and a smaller investment in time and money. Never rule out a space as unusable.  Instead, speak with one of our design professionals for guidance about your backyard space, activity needs and budget. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities!

How To Select The Right Small Pool Design

First, check out our gallery for pool designs for small backyards. You’ll find many designs can be scaled for small inground pools and may accommodate your yard size. It goes without saying, certain pool designs are simply best suited for small yards. The key to building a small and unique pool is to keep the shape simple to effectively use the backyard space. For example, a figure eight-shaped pool wastes space with the looped area that doesn’t allow for swimming or lounging. Keeping the pool shape simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can use a variety of building and decorating techniques to create a stylish and original pool oasis.

3 Top Design Choices For Small Pools

  1. Free Form Pool – A free form pool features rounded edges and is custom designed to maximize yard space. As the name suggests, they generally have no distinct shape and are created to flow freely around a patio or landscape edging. Free form pools are ideal for small, flat yards and a top choice for recreational use in causal backyard settings.
  2. Lap Pool – A lap pool is a great option for a small, narrow yard. Rectangular in shape and wide enough to for at least two people to perform laps or use for recreation. Lap pools can also be designed to include a spa at one end. Steps strategically placed at one end of the pool offers easy and safe entry.
  3. Natural or Kidney Bean-Shaped Pool – A natural pool, also known as a kidney bean-shape, provides a straight swim path inside the pool for space efficiency and a soft, rounded silhouette outside for eye-pleasing form and style. The curved lines of this pool looks best if there is some open area space surrounding it to showcase the natural form.

Decorating and Stylizing Tips For Your Small Pool

Regardless of the shape, how you decorate around or even in the pool makes a difference. While the decorating options are almost endless, here are some top décor trends for small pools:

  • Free form pools look resort-like with tropical landscaping and decorative grasses around the edges of the pool deck for an earthy and oasis-type look. Also water features such as a rock formation or waterfall can be installed to add interest to your outdoor space. Check out our gallery of pool rock formations.
  • The lap pool looks sharp and crisp when athletic-looking stripes are created with tiles and landscaping is kept neat around the pool edge.
  • With kidney-shaped pools, colored pebble tiles used as accents in the pool floor or along the walls showcase the shape beautifully. Create a narrow, but useful deck around this type of pool using the textured concrete pavers.

With so many small pool options available to you and your family, don’t spend another Summer wishing you had a private oasis of your own. Contact us today at 407-847-9322 for a consultation on how we can help you build the pool perfect for your space.