Swimming Pool Construction Process

Swimming Pool Construction Process for in-ground (concrete) pools/spas in Florida

A common question homeowners ask, “How long is the construction process?” 

From the start of the dig, to filling your pool with water; the anticipated construction time-frame would be approximately 10-14 weeks, contingent upon weather and the complexity of your project. 

  • Permits – This can take up to 30-45 days, depending on the municipality 
  • Pre-Site – A pre-site manager will review the job and make a site visit 
  • Sod Stripped 
  • Layout – Dig – Steel 
  • Inspections with the County/City 
  • Pre-plumb (this is not required on every job) 
  • Shoot the pool shell (pool type: Concrete Only
  • Pre-grade
  • Plumbing 
  • Inspections for plumbing with County/City –  This is not required for every municipality 
  • Plumbing ditches buried per municipality 
  • Tile 
  • Deck footer is formed 
  • Termite spray – If you have a termite bond on your home, please make us aware, so we can use  the same company 
  • Deck footer inspections with County/City 
  • Pour deck or footer/cantilever band for paver decks 
  • Pavers, if applicable 
  • Measure for screen or fence, if applicable 
  • Install screen, fence, or child safety fence, if applicable 
  • Equipment Installation 
  • Electric/Lighting 
  • Alarms, if applicable – Homeowner must be home to allow access of the home 
  • Electrical inspections with County/City – This is not required for every municipality 
  • Safety Inspections with County/City – This inspection is required before the pool can be filled with water. If alarms are installed, the inspector will need access for inside the home.
  • Interior Finish 
  • Final Grade – At this time, any additional dirt and/or construction debris will be addressed 
  • Start-up of pool/chemicals 
  • Pool School – This will show you how to maintain your pool and operate your equipment. Check out our ‘Pool Equipment Overview’ video on our YouTube Channel
  • Grading inspections with County/City – This is not required for every municipality
  • Homeowner can reinstall sod, irrigation, and landscaping (Homeowner’s responsibility) 
  • Second coat of paint of deck or footer/cantilever for paver decks (this may be held off until homeowner installs sod in the yard to prevent staining on the deck, if there is a lot of dirt that will be tracked onto the deck)
  • Final electrical, plumbing, and building inspections
  • Salt pool, hook up ozonator, and install auto pool vacuum, if applicable. This will be done three weeks after the pool has started up 

Final step is to enjoy your new swimming pool oasis with your friends and family! Stay updated with us and Follow Us on Facebook