Swimming Pool Safety Tips

pool-safety-rulesEvery year, there are hundreds of drowning incidents in residential swimming pools. The majority of them involving children, most being preventable. Knowing this, it’s crucial to keep swimming pool safety in mind at all times. Optimal pool safety depends on a variety of things. From teaching survival techniques and enforcing pool safety rules to installing and using the right safety equipment, there’s a lot you can do to keep everyone safe while using the pool. Keep in mind too that pool safety isn’t just important while a pool is being used; it needs to be practiced at all times when there’s a pool in the backyard.

Stay Safe and Engage in Safe Swimming Pool Behavior all year long

Pool Safety Fence

Pool safety fences are the rank amongst the top in pool safety. These fences, when installed properly and with the latch locked will help to keep children, pets and your nosey neighbor from accidentally running into your pool. This mesh fabric is extremely durable and when installed to be 36” above ground level is by code top 5 in safety prevention. The goal here is to prevent an unwanted spectator from inadvertently accessing the pool. This fence does a great job in keeping your pool safe however it is also important to promote and engage in safe swimming pool behavior too.

Examples of Pool Safety behavior would be:

  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Children should start taking swimming lessons as early as possible
  • Teach your children pool safety rules and post them by the pool.
    • No Running
    • No swimming without an adult 18 years or older
    • Swim in groups
    • No diving
    • No rough playing
    • Make sure all adults in the home receive CPR training and that they know basic life-saving techniques.
    • Whether or not the pool is being used, always check there first when a child goes missing.
    • While out enjoying the pool, always keep a working cell phone handy in case of emergencies.

Teaching and enforcing pool safety rules will go a long way toward preventing accidents and deaths all year long.

Many pool accidents and deaths occur when a child, a pet or anyone is wandering around and is uneducated of the dangers of a pool. Another device, which is a top dollar investment for your pool, is a pool Safety Cover.

Pool Safety Cover

Invest in a high-quality pool safety cover, to keep your mind at easy when your pool is not being used. When purchasing a pool safety cover, keep a few quick tips in mind.

  • Make sure the cover is made out of a durable material.
  • Make sure you are able to close and lock the cover on all sides
  • Make sure your purchasing your cover from a reputable company or pool builder.

A Pool Safety Cover is NOT a solar blanket. Pool Safety Covers are expensive however they are extremely safe and lock on all sides to keep most unwanted people or animal out.  

Pool Safety Door and Window Alarms

For added security; consider having door, window and gate alarms installed. These should be installed at least 54” from ground level on all doors and operable windows making sure all alarms are stocked with fresh batteries. The door and window alarms will go off making a loud noise at 95 decibels, which is per building codes, when a door is opened from the inside or the outside. It is also a good idea to keep a pool safety kit nearby. It should include a working, portable phone, a first aid kit, a flotation device and a pair of scissors.

Screen Enclosure and Fences

Both a Screen Enclosure and Fence are a key part in keeping your pool safe. The more barriers you have for your pool the better. These devices help to keep the neighborhood out of your pool. A fence must have a self-closing, self -latching gate with the latch being at least 54” high from the ground. Also your fence must follow all codes for the amount of space between panels and a height requirement of 4’ minimum ( check your local building code requirements for fences).  A screen enclosure also is required to have a self-closing, self-latching door with the latch being at least 54” high from the ground. The screen enclosure surrounds at least 3 sides of your pool when attached to your home. When using a screen enclosure and/or fence you must pair these devices with a pool barrier, which leads from your home to the pool. For example: for optimum safety you could pair a screen enclosure with all the recommended safety requirements with a pool safety fence and you would meet all safety codes.

Retro-fitting your pool for safety

Please keep in mind every 3-years codes change and new products come out. To make sure your pool is the safest it can be have yearly inspections by a Licensed Swimming Pool Professional.