The Key to Outdoor Kitchen Zones

The best outdoor kitchen designs are modeled after commercial kitchens, which are organized into strategically placed zones to create a logical workflow from food preparation to plating and serving. Here are some tips for plotting your new outdoor kitchen zones.

Planning to Prep
Normally the outdoor kitchen prep zone include a sink and counter tops. Including plenty of counter space beside your sink simplifies the process of cleaning and preparing produce. You might also include a trash bin in this area to keep all these motions in one place. Make sure to include cabinets underneath your counter top to include dry storage pantry items such as dishes, glasses and cutting boards. If you know your regular guests have food allergies, create a larger counter top to provide additional prep room so you can separate ingredients to prevent cross-contamination.

Storage and Cleaning Considerations
Since overhead storage isn’t a practical option, you’ll need to make sure cleaning chemicals and other things you don’t want kids getting into are locked up. A great place to keep the cleaning supplies are underneath the sink. At the same time, you want to ensure that everything you need while cooking is within arm’s reach of the prepping area. Prioritize the placement of cabinets and drawers around the sink, cutting boards and stove top.

Don’t Box Yourself In, Figuratively or Literally
Consider the layout of your backyard and how the final product will look standing next to your house. If the outdoor kitchen design has combo countertops that will serve as an eating counter, make sure to leave enough open space for seating so that guests do not feel cramped while they eat. But if you have a separate dining area, then work easy access to the kitchen from the dining area to the kitchen area.

Have a Plain to Entertain
Your backyard is now much more than a kitchen: It is a place for eating, drinking, dancing and anything else you have room for. Keep the refrigerator and the ice machine in an easily accessible spot so that people can freely refill their drinks. Consider a bar for the adults and an under-the-counter fridge for the kids; just make sure the grill and stove top are far away so that hot pans don’t fall onto passing children. Kitchen islands are a great feature because they serve multiple functions including providing a place for people to rest their drinks as they chat, extra room for chopping vegetables, space for serving desert and a hub for additional storage cabinets.

Build You Ideal Backyard Kitchen With American Outdoor Living
American Outdoor Living helps homeowners bring to life their dream outdoor kitchen designs. Our team handles installations, maintenance and repairs on all kinds of outdoor projects. We can turn your patio, pool area or garden into an open-air restaurant in just a few weeks. If you need guidance in planning your kitchen zones, our outdoor living designers have the experience and skills to craft a plan that will perfectly fit your family’s needs. Invite us over, and we will give you a no-obligation estimate for your new outdoor kitchen on the spot.

With a little bit of planning, you should never need to worry about having too many cooks in your outdoor kitchen. Your backyard provides adequate space for a complete dining area where you can entertain guests or make a meal with your family. Let the fun begin with an customized outdoor kitchen your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.