The Top Five Pool Shapes For Your Backyard

The world may be round, but your pool doesn’t have to be. When it comes to pool shapes and sizes, the only real limitation that you face is your imagination, your budget and your space. If you’re searching for inspiration for your backyard, it’s worth taking a look at a few popular inground pool shapes.

Rectangle Pool Shapes

While a rectangle might not be the most innovative choice, this pool shape can be a practical pick because it provides a lot of usable pool space that is an ideal match for the needs of everyone from disciplined lap swimmers to volley-ball enthusiasts to free-spirited children. As a bonus, it’s a classic look that suits the elegant sophistication of traditional architecture and the cutting-edge flare of contemporary homes equally well.

Kidney Pool Shapes

If you like pool shapes that look natural, it’s hard to beat a kidney-shaped pool. A gently rounded shape that tucks in at the sides to create edges that are slightly irregular, the kidney is appealing to the eye and provides plenty of space to swim in. It’s a softer look that fits many architectural styles and can be customized with a wide array of design options and special features.


Roman Design Pool Shapes

pool with spaA classic style inspired by the elegance of ancient architecture, the Roman pool shape features a rectangle with domes at opposite ends. Frequently, stylized corners add another layer of formality. It’s a design that is both traditional and timeless.



Free-Form Design Pool Shapes

The shapes of pools don’t have to be defined by tradition. Free-form pools are the ultimate in customization, and they’re a great choice for someone who is facing constraints due to their location or eager to capitalize on the natural assets of their environment. With no preconceived boundaries to interfere, a free-form pool can be shaped to provide the best possible use of the available space or to take advantage of the surrounding landscape. Free-form pools are unique; they can be a fabulous way to make a striking statement.



Geometric Design Pool Shapes

Geometric pools are a more regimented version of free-form pools. Here, the pools shape is created by combining various geometric shapes in a fresh way. A balance of classic and innovative, geometric pools can be specially designed to accommodate a mix of activities, to enhance a beautiful landscape or to make clever use of the available space. It’s an easy design if you want to add a spa to your pool.



Making a Decision
With so many swimming pool shapes available, it can be difficult to determine which shape is best for your backyard. When trying to decide, it’s smart to identify the top questions when building a pool. Some of the questions include usage, space, aesthetics and cost. Discussing your questions with an experienced swimming pool builder will help you to transform your outdoor living space with a pool area that is perfect for you and your family.

Would you like to see what your new swimming pool will really look like before any construction starts? At American Pools & Spas, it’s possible. We utilize 3-D design software, so you won’t have to rely on your imagination to get a visual of your new pool. Call us at 407-847-9322 or visit our design center today to learn more about how our expertise can help you create your dream pool and request a free estimate.