Thinking about Building a New Swimming Pool! Start HERE!

American Pools and Spas can take your dream of building a new swimming pool to a reality with unique pool shapes and options, You have the opportunity to create your very own backyard oasis. Here are a few steps to take in order to optimize your backyard and budget!

Review Construction availability in your backyard

Backyards vary in size, shape and available construction area. The best way to determine placement of a new swimming pool is to pull your survey and mark it out. Pools and Decks come in MANY shapes and sizes that will compliment any back yard. If you do have a small backyard, don’t hesitate; instead check out our article for Small Pools for Small Backyards.

Consider Pool Size and Shape

Pool size and shape is not only preference and look but also consider functionality. Is your pool main function relaxation or entertainment or a bit of both. With our 3D Swimming Pool Design program, we can help you visualize what your pool will look like from the step you take into your backyard to walking into your new pool. American Pools and Spas is a custom pool builder and with our top of the line programs and designers we can create to Infinity pool for a truly exotic and visually appealing look, or the game pool perfect for a quick pick-up game of basketball or volleyball.

Educate yourself on options and upgrades.

From Pool pump and filters to automated systems with a wireless controller. There are many different options to create a low maintenance energy saving pool. An in floor cleaning system is ideal for those on the go, which can help keep the leaves and debris to a minimal. There are options for heating your new swimming pool or just your spa for those chilly days or the days you just need to relax in the spa. If you have not considered salt water chlorination instead of an inline chlorinator please read our article “Salt Water Pool Chlorination: Conversion from Chlorine”. If you are building a new pool the conversion is not necessary however within this article we offer numerous points to consider. The biggest benefit being a Salt Chlorinator produces a less harsh chemical then the standard in line chlorinator.

Learn more about our many products and features you can add to your new swimming pool.

Discover fun Pool Options

Make your pool stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. By adding features such as water fall, bubblers and LED lights your pool will be the talk of the town. A rock waterfall or bubbling pond not only upgrades your pool but adds to the whole experience of your outdoor oasis. LED lighting can enhance any experience stocked with the options to run a light show this feature can light up any evening.

Develop a Budget to Build a New Swimming Pool

After meeting with an expert designer you will have a better idea of what your pool will cost. If cash is not the option, not to worry. We have partnered with a few pool financing companies to help get your one step closer to making your dream a reality.

Review the Company and Construction Process

CHECK IT OUT! Pool companies are all similar in price but what really tells them apart is what they offer. Here at American Pools and Spas we off a One of a kind Largest indoor-outdoor Showroom equipped with most every option you can dream of for the inside and outside of your pool. From pool deck options to rock waterfalls, we have on-site displays so you can touch, see and experience your backyard oasis. Once your project has been created and handed in for a construction drawing to be started, and permitting has been finaled its time to begin construction.

You can also learn the different stages of construction and delays to ensure a smooth build.

Contact one of our pool designers today for a FREE estimate and 3D drawing of your dream swimming pool. Fill out online free pool estimate of call 407-847-9322.