Tips in Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

If you love hosting outdoor parties but find that your standalone grill isn’t up to the job anymore, it’s time to consider designing an outdoor kitchen to your home. However, before you start imagining all the delicious food you’ll make in your new outdoor kitchen, you need to take a few factors into account, including the available space in your backyard. Thorough planning will help you avoid any mishaps that could derail your summer fun.

Think About Your Needs
Carefully considering your outdoor entertaining needs can prevent you from buying more features than you really need. If you don’t entertain large groups of friends or family often, you probably don’t need a huge outdoor kitchen that could rapidly make enough food for a small army. Small outdoor kitchen designs are ideally suited for intimate gatherings with a few friends or your own family. If you want a large outdoor kitchen, keep in mind that you’ll probably want some extra features, including a sink and multiple electrical outlets.

Pick a Good Location
Custom outdoor kitchens need more than just a large expanse of empty space. Putting your kitchen far away from your house, for example, will force you to make frequent long walks back to the house. In addition, you may have to pay extra to install the necessary infrastructure, such as plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets, to a distant spot in your yard.

Instead, consider the existing porch or patio area close to your house as an ideal location for an outdoor kitchen. Depending on the location, you’ll also want to be careful about smoke coming from your grill; you don’t want to direct the smoke into your house. Proper ventilation can help you avoid accidentally setting off your indoor smoke detector.

Consider Additional Lighting
The long days of summer provide plenty of light in the early evening hours, but you’ll need additional lighting for late parties or gatherings in other times of the year. Mood lighting can be created with candles and lanterns since they add a nice ambiance, However, not all backyard gatherings are intimate. Make sure to add electric options for consistent lighting. Accent lighting can also provide safety your guests and help them avoid accidental falls.

Standing in the hot sun for hours while cooking in front of a hot grill will not leave you in a good mood when you’re trying to host a party. If you’re not using a covered space for your kitchen, consider adding some shade. Installing pergolas and planting shade trees can help you cool off.

Work on a Budget
Once you’ve decided on the size of your outdoor kitchen, you can start planning your budget. You’ll need to take into account more than just the kitchen itself. For example, you may need to purchase extra seating and tables for your party guests. You’ll also need to get some tools for your BBQ, and you may want to spend some money decorating your new space.

If you’d like to take the next step in designing an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, contact American Outdoor Living today at 407-847-9322 or fill out our online quote request. Our talented team will work with you to design and create your outdoor kitchen and turn your dream into a reality.