Tired of Chlorine? Check Out These Pool Sanitizers

When it comes to pool sanitizers, chlorine has long been a popular choice, but its unpleasant strong odor and tendency to irritate swimmers’ eyes and skin can leave pool owners longing for alternatives. Fortunately, there are several pool sanitizers to consider besides chlorine. Explore bromine, salt water, ozone and UV.

Bromine tablets can be added to a pool manually or via an automated filter, offering the advantage of familiarity to people who are used to dosing their pools with chlorine. More importantly, this chemical alternative packs a double punch. Chlorine combines with the contaminants in pool water to produce chloramine, and then it stops working. When bromine interacts with contaminants, the result is bromamine, a byproduct that has sanitizing properties of its own, so it continues to clean the pool water. Bromine is also more stable than chlorine in warm temperatures, and it has a less pungent aroma.

Of course, nothing is perfect. While the odor of bromine isn’t as strong as chlorine, it has a lot of staying power and can be difficult to remove. Bromine also tends to be more expensive than other popular picks like chlorine and salt.

Salt Water
Salt water pool systems are an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin or touchy respiratory systems. When this type of pool sanitization system is in place, a salt chlorine generator uses the magic of electrolysis to transform salt and water into hypochlorous acid, a component in chlorine. The hypochlorous acid cleanses the pool water and then is recycled so that the sanitization cycle continues. The result is sparkling clean water with no strong smell that is gentler on the eyes and skin. In addition, the pH of salt chlorine is virtually neutral, so fewer chemicals are required to keep the pool water’s pH levels balanced.

While salt is fairly easy on the wallet, salt water systems can be pricey to purchase and maintain, although savings on other chemicals can help offset this. It’s also important for pool owners to keep an eye on salt levels. Excessive concentrations of salt in pool water can damage the pool.

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An ozone pool treatment is another possible weapon in the battle for crisp, clear pool water. Pool sanitizer systems that take this approach use ozone generators to produce ozone, a highly effective oxidizer that destroys bacteria and other contaminants. It even breaks down grease and oil, preventing filter clogs and reducing maintenance, and since it doesn’t alter pH levels, fewer chemical interventions are required to maintain a healthy pH level in the pool.

Unfortunately, ozone is strictly a supporting player. For most pools, it cannot provide sufficient cleaning power to keep the water clean and fresh. However, ozone works well when combined with chlorine or bromine as main pool sanitizers.

UV – Ultraviolet
Paramount has one of the best eco-friendly ultraviolet water sanitizers which will keep your water cleaner and healthier for you and your family. Watch how it works.

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