Top 4 Factors More Important Than Price When Building a Pool

When you’re building a pool, getting your priorities right pays off. The cost to build a pool, while undeniably an important consideration, should never be your top priority. In fact, basing your decision on saving a few dollars when building a pool tends to be an expensive mistake that costs you more in the long run. What factors are more important than the project’s price tag when you’re building a pool?

The Cost of Ownership
Building a pool can be an expensive proposition, but it’s just the beginning of your investment. Maintaining a pool can be pricey as well, and this is especially true if you fail to consider the cost of ownership as you shop. Opting for a pool with inadequate systems might save you a bit on the initial swimming pool cost, but those savings will be undone by higher operational and maintenance costs over the life of your pool. One way to keep your costs down is to splurge on a variable speed pump.  The long-term savings alone will cover the cost of the pump.

The Materials
Even a quick look at the materials used to build swimming pools makes it evident that quality varies widely. Although pools crafted from inferior materials often feature low prices that can be tempting, those bargains look much less appealing when you consider that they’ll need repairs and replacements much more quickly than pools built with products and materials that are designed to last. Although the cost to build a pool with quality materials is a little higher, better materials offer better value and result in a better pool.

The Warranty
Warranties aren’t fun to read, but it’s worth forcing yourself to wade through the paperwork.  The warranty for your swimming pool includes: what it covers, what it doesn’t cover and who is providing it. Not all warranties are created equal, so savvy consumers will make sure that they consider the value of the coverage offered for a pool’s structural components, its plumbing and its equipment.

The Swimming Pool Builder
There are a lot of decisions to make when building a pool, and choosing a contractor is arguably the most important one. In the summer, swimming pool builders are everywhere, but many of them will vanish in the blink of an eye if you encounter a problem, so carefully vetting the swimming pool companies that you are considering before you hire one can save you a ton of aggravation and money. A fly-by-night contractor might offer a lower price, but you’re liable to find yourself with a pool that is less than ideal and no one to assist you when you run into difficulties. In contrast, a pool builder who is committed to quality will help you get the best value for your money, provide a top-notch product that suits your budget and be there if issues arise. When selecting a contractor, always look for a company that is established, reputable, licensed and insured.

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