Top 4 Tips for Proper Hot Tub / Spa Maintenance

Proper hot tub / spa maintenance will not only keep your hot tub running efficiently all year long, but will also extend the life of it. Many hot tubs or spas do not live up to their full potential life due to common mistakes owners make. It is important to follow these hot tub maintenance tips and stick to a strict maintenance schedule.

Clean Hot Tub and Spa Filters
In most cases, filters should be cleaned once per month unless your hot tub is used daily or very frequently. Make sure the hot tub is in standby mode and shut off at the breaker. Lift the filter slowly, and check the area for debris. If the filter has heavy debris, it will need to be cleaned more often than once per month. Rinse the hot tub or spa filter off with a hose. From time to time, the filter will need to be soaked in a solution to remove the tougher residue. Be sure to buy new filters annually.

Drain Your Hot Tub / Spa Regularly
Be sure to drain your hot tub every three to four months unless the water becomes dirty sooner than that. Turn the power off at the breaker before draining the hot tub, and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. If you cannot find them, you can call the manufacturer to ask where to find them.  Hopefully, they have it on their website.

Clean Hot Tub / Spa Jets
Each time you drain your hot tub or spa, use a mild detergent (like a dishwashing detergent) to clean the walls of your hot tub.  Then rinse completely.  Additionally, while the hot tub is drained, one or two of the jets should be removed, inspected and cleaned.  Look for mineral buildup or calcification. Use a 3M pad to scrub the residue off the jets. Be sure to clean both the inner body and the jet. You will also need to remove any debris that is scrubbed off. Since it does not simply wash away, it will reattach to other surfaces if you do not remove it.

Refilling your Hot Tub / Spa
After the unit has been drained and cleaned, it is time to refill it. You may add hot tub / spa chemicals your dealer recommends. Some hot tub chemicals are used to counteract local water issues. Be sure to check with the manufacturers website to see if specific chemicals are recommended.

With monthly care and hot tub maintenance, your spa should last according to its lifespan.   Remember, that the monthly maintenance and changing your filters every two years will definitely help you enjoy your hot tub to it’s maximum potential.