Top 5 Pool Privacy Ideas

Relaxing in your pool isn’t truly relaxing if you’re worried about neighbors, passersby and ne’er-do-wells watching you or your children in the water. Instead, your backyard should be your oasis away from the stresses of the world. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, having a barrier between your pool and the rest of the world can create a sense of security that is so vital to properly unwinding at home. Below are some some pool privacy ideas to  enhance your backyard privacy.

1. Pool Privacy Screen Enclosures
A great option for people who live in Florida. Pool screen enclosures allow fresh air and sunlight to filter in while keeping bugs and leaves outside. You’ll spend less time cleaning, and your neighbors won’t be able to read the same book you’re reading as you lay by your pool. In fact, there is one screen type called Florida Glass. Not only will it keep neighbors out of your business, but the screen itself has a vinyl overlay which will also prevent water from getting in. Many homeowners add Florida Glass to the bottom portion of the patio screen enclosure to keep water out of their patio.

2. Privacy Fencing
The purpose of your pool is to help you relax, so your privacy fence shouldn’t look like a steel cage. Consult a professional to pick out the right kind of materials and decide on a style that provides you with privacy while complimenting your home’s architecture. Fences can significantly increase property value, but some homeowners associations and local governments have construction requirements. Reputable contractors who specialize in backyard fences should help you make sure everything they build is compliant.

3. Water Features
Fountains and waterfalls naturally put everyone at ease, and they are surprisingly good at blocking sound. Flowing water washes out your backyard gossip, so outsiders can’t listen in on you and your guests. Likewise, water features can drown out the sounds from your neighbor’s noisy parties.

4. Bushes, Trees and Other Flora
Columnar evergreens grow rapidly and, along with bushes, can act as a natural privacy barrier. If planting trees, you should also invest in a screen enclosure to keep out falling leaves. Do not plant anything that is likely to attract bees!

5. Free-Standing Structures
Pergolas, pool houses, gazebos and other free-standing structures obstruct the views of outsiders and transform your yard into a more inviting space for your guests. You can also block out the sun and nosy neighbors at the same time with strategically placed umbrellas and canopies. Imagine how fun these structure can be if you do a lot of entertaining. They provide comfortable seating areas for your guests.

Whether privacy fencing or pool privacy screen enclosures are better for your yard depends heavily on the layout of your pool, your budget and many other factors. The best option may be to mix and match privacy features. American Screen Contractors can work with you to design a perfectly personalized pool area that makes you feel safe and secluded from the hassles of the outside world. Contact us to start planning your private backyard abode.