Top 5 Questions When Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are the big rave these days. If you are planning an outdoor kitchen, don’t get caught up in the hype, instead, consider these questions we’ve been asking our clients for years. The questions serve to understand how you want to use the space so that you can have a new outdoor space that will benefit you and lifestyle.

1. How Often Will You Want to Cook Outside?

When you are considering outdoor kitchen designs, it is important to think about how often you will use the space. This will alleviate purchasing features that may not be necessary. If you frequently entertain guests or cook outdoors, you should select a larger design that includes multiple appliances and adequate prep space. Having a sink, numerous electrical outlets, and a large oven will come in handy. However, if you only cook outside for special occasions, your outdoor kitchen plans can be less extravagant. To get the job done, a small refrigerator and grill may be enough.

2. Will Much Prep Work Be Done in the Outdoor Kitchen?

Do you tend to cook BIG meals for a large family? Or just quiet intimate meals? If these meals require a great deal of prep work in your outdoor kitchen, counter space is essential. You may wish to install a large island. Besides providing an area to create salads, assemble kabobs, and spice meats, an island should contain lots drawers and cabinets so you’re not running back and forth into the house. These spaces will neatly house bowls, plates, and larger utensils. Since it takes time to prep food, it is smart to incorporate bar seating along the island so that guests can gather, watch, and help with the cooking process.

3. What Kinds of Foods Do I Cook Outside?

When you think about outdoor kitchen ideas, it is smart to consider the foods that will be cooked most often. If you prepare mounds of burgers and hot dogs, a large grill is essential. If you enjoy smoking meats, it is best to install a separate smoking oven. A truly unique addition to an outdoor kitchen is a wood-fired pizza oven. Besides cooking pizza, this vessel can be used to prepare chicken, vegetables, desserts, and other dishes. Consider the types of meals you like to prepare in designing and planning an outdoor kitchen.
4. Is Child Safety Necessary?

When young children have access to your outdoor kitchen, it is crucial to take proper measures so that they remain safe. The first step is covering electrical sockets. This protects tiny hands from getting shocked. Since children will run around the backyard, it is vital to choose a layout that removes tripping hazards. To prevent falls, it is best to place open paths around your grill and other large items. Kids are curious, so it is essential to lock coals, sharp cooking utensils, and unused propane tanks in cabinets as well.

5. Will Your Outdoor Kitchen be an Entertaining Area?

When planning an outdoor kitchen, will this new space be the new entertaining focal point. If so, there are a few design ideas to consider. Since you want the space to be inviting, it is essential to provide plenty of seating. Consider building a outdoor kitchen island which creates an intimate ambiance and provides guests a comfortable place to be social.

Lighting is important as well. Spotlights are essential for safety. However, lighting candles and lanterns creates a cozy environment so that guests can comfortably gather for enjoyable conversation.sea

These are the top 5 questions we receive as a company when consulting with homeowners who are planning an outdoor kitchen. Yes, of course, there are plenty more questions. We’ve addressed some of these in different articles we’ve prepared. Such as

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