Top 6 Mistakes when Building an Outdoor Kitchen

What better way to relax with friends and family on a warm summer night than to relax outdoors while you cook up a delicious meal in kitchen designed specifically for backyard entertainment area?

However, your visions of relaxation can quickly turn into a nightmarish disaster if you overlook some basic, yet important aspects, for your outdoor kitchen plans. Before you begin building an build an outdoor kitchen for your patio, you should understand these common mistakes.

1. Using Appliances Not Intended for Outdoor Use
As you begin your outdoor kitchen designs, you need to remember to choose appliances intended specifically for outdoor use. The stove, refrigerator, and oven in your indoor kitchen need to be outdoor appliances and will be stated as such by the manufacturer. You cannot simply buy indoor appliances and expect them to work the same. Outdoor kitchen appliances have safety and ventilation features necessary for outdoor use.

2outdoor-kitchen-with-pavere-960x600. Have a Sufficient Gas Line
When you buy an outdoor stove and oven, you must ensure that you have enough gas running through the line in your property to fuel these appliances properly. If the current gas line is too weak, it will need to be replaced with one that is larger and can provide the necessary fuel for cooking and preparing food. Typically, this requires a ¾ inch gas line for their outdoor kitchens, but it also depends on how many appliances that line will be supporting.

3. Improper Ventilation
You may think that cooking in the fresh air and sunshine provides all of the ventilation you need for safety. However, when building an outdoor kitchen you should include vents in your island where your grill is placed. These vents allow the gas and heat from the grill to escape the island and prevent it from catching on fire or exploding.

4. Poor Lighting
One of the more practical aspects of designing an outdoor kitchen involves ensuring you have enough light to see what you’re cooking. Depending on where the outdoor kitchen is located on your patio, there may not be enough natural lighting for your work space or the lighting might be blocked by other patio fixtures Either way, you’ll need to add more lightning underneath your patio structure.

5. Using Dark Counter Materials
Dark materials for counters may be appealing for indoor use. However, they can be ill advised for outdoor kitchens. Dark materials like granite or tile absorb heat and become hot to the touch. They also can melt any cold or frozen foods you place on them.

6. Insufficient Counter Space
This is one we see all the time. The outdoor kitchen design becomes all about the appliances and seating, but the counter space is quickly forgotten. The goal is to prepare and serve your meals outdoors. Therefore, leave enough space for you to work and prepare food. A cramped outdoor kitchen can quickly diminish your enjoyment of what should be a luxurious new feature to your home. Leaving enough space for you to place dishes and cookware or chop ingredients can help you feel more relaxed and happier while you cook. It will also add to the social aspect of entertaining guests.

Building an outdoor kitchen can be all that you envision. Just be careful to consider all aspects of the kitchen design before beginning construction. Avoiding these common building mistakes can maximize your enjoyment of this new addition.

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