Top 8 Questions to Find a Reputable Orlando Pool Builder

If you’re looking for an Orlando pool builder, you may feel awash in a sea of plentiful options. Carefully selecting the right pool builder for your home’s new addition doesn’t have to be stressful. A bit of research and asking the right questions can help you narrow down your options when it’s time to choose a pool building company.

1. Does the Orlando Pool Builder Have a Physical Showroom?
Pictures are a fast and convenient way to see the types of pools that a builder can make, but reputable pool builders often use showrooms to demonstrate their capabilities. Showrooms allow the customer to see a project up close and help the customer understand the real size and impact of a particular pool design. Builders can also use a showroom to show off the latest in pool technology.  If a pool builder does not have a showroom, it’s time to question their roots to the community or the size of the company.

2. How Long Has the Builder Been in the Business?
Although every company has to start somewhere, looking for experienced pool companies is a good way to play it safe with your new pool. Look for a company that has been around for at least a few years using the same business name. The builder’s website should have that information readily available; if you can’t find the information on the website, you may be able to check your state business records. is a great place to start.  Make sure your Orlando pool builder has been in business more than just a few years.

3. Does the Builder Have References?
Talking to previous customers of a pool building contractor is a good way to gauge whether a particular builder is right for your project. Two or three references should provide enough information to help you learn more about a builder. You can ask the references about a number of important topics, including how long their project took and how close the final cost of the project was to the original quote.

4. What Insurance Does the Builder Have?
Insurance is a necessity to protect yourself and your home in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the project. Ask to see the builder’s insurance certificate before you pay any money, and make sure the policy is up to date. If the builder will use subcontractors for the project, you’ll want to ensure that the subcontractors are also covered by an insurance policy.

5. Will You Receive a Written Cost Estimate?
Before you sign a contract with any Orlando pool builder, you need to know how much the project will cost. Make sure the pool contractor provides a written estimate to build your pool. Asking for a breakdown of the estimate will help you understand where your money will go and help you setup a payment schedule with the pool builder.

6. What Type of Experience Does the Builder Have?
No two pools are the same. If you’re building a swimming pool for your home, you need a builder who has experience with residential pools, not just hotel pools. Pool builders can adapt to fit your needs, but if you have a specific image in mind for your pool, make sure that you select a pool builder whose experience can live up to your vision.

7. Does The Pool Builder Have 3-D Software?
Wouldn’t it be cool to visualize your pool before breaking ground? That’s exactly what a 3-D pool design program does for you. It’s not necessary that your pool builder has this 3-D software, but it sure is nice. This program allows you to visualize the pool constructions in your backyard environment including trees, landscaping and the deck area. No detail is too small.

8. How Long Will the Project Take?
How long it takes to build a swimming pool depends on two things; (1) The amount of work to construct your pool and (2) the builder.   If your yard has a lot of features which need to be cleared out (such as trees or to other barriers to begin construction, that could take additional time. Also, if a builder is swamped with a plethora of other projects, your pool may have to wait its turn before the builder can get started on your project.   Thankfully, Florida allows us to build year ‘round so there isn’t a seasonal issue.

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