Top Custom Outdoor Fire Pit Options

You can dig a hole, throw in some rocks and fan up a flame. It’s basic, and it worked for our ancestors thousands of years ago. Instead of roughing it, imagine basking in the warmth of a custom outdoor fire pit built to become a focal point of your backyard. Custom outdoor fire pits are more affordable then you think and it’s an experience that belongs in every Florida homeowner’s backyard. If you are considering building a beautiful outdoor fire pit in your backyard, keep these tips in mind.

Choose a Favorite View
Does your backyard frame beautiful views of sunsets over the water? Consider building a fire pit on your property’s edge for unobstructed views the lake or golf course. If you prefer a little privacy from the neighbors, install your new oasis in a fenced corner, or seclude it behind existing landscape features. Your fire pit contractor can help determine a location that balances backyard safety with as much or as little view as you like. Whether you want a canopy of starry nights overhead or a spot for getting cozy after a dip in the pool, don’t forget the view from inside. That warm glow looks just as inviting through windows and patio doors.

Wood Burning or Gas Options
Most contractors who specialize in building backyard fire pits offer a choice between gas-fueled and wood-burning pits. Models with galvanized metal or stainless steel gas rings are popular because they’re low-maintenance and easy to operate. The fixtures control off-on performance with a switch and regulate output from a soft glow to a beautiful blaze. The gas options will work with the gas source you are currently using at your home.

Then there are some homeowners prefer the aroma and dancing flames of a wood fire. This option is often less expensive and doesn’t require running lines from a fuel source. Discuss the details with your contractor before you make a final fuel decision.

Don’t Forget the Extras
When building a custom fire pit, it’s also important to consider the unique design that complements your home’s architecture and its landscape.

  • Let a custom fire pit inspire exterior decorating with raised walls of warm brick or natural stone.
  • Extend the atmosphere with a matching patio and pathways, install bench seating, or surround your fire pit with comfy Adirondack chairs.
  • Talk about construction height with your contractor too.

If you plan on using the fire pit wall as seating, consider a generous width and a height of 18 to 20 inches. Feet rest more comfortably propped up on a wall that’s 12 or 14 inches high, so customize your construction plans to accommodate your preferences.

There’s always room in the backyard and your budget for the warmth of a beautiful outdoor fire pit. We know because we’ve been transforming central Florida backyards into perfectly wonderful getaways for more than 23 years. Just give us a call at American Backyard Concepts for a complementary in-home consultation. Let your imagination and our 3D design services turn your backyard daydreams into creature comforts that last a lifetime. Call us at 407-847-9322 to a personal design consultation.