Top Questions When Choosing Swimming Pool Shapes

When it comes to swimming pool shapes, how do you choose one? It helps to consider a few questions regarding usage, space, cost and aesthetics.

When considering swimming pool shapes, ask yourself:

  • Who will be using my pool?
  • How will it be used?
  • What features do I want?

Why does usage matter? If children will frequently be in the pool, you’ll probably want a distinct shallow end. When the pool’s primary users are lap swimmers, you’ll want a nice long stretch of water. If you want special features like slides, diving boards or tanning ledges, don’t forget to think about how they will affect the pool design.

With regards to space, it’s smart to consider these questions:

  • How much space am I willing to devote to a pool?
  • How will my new pool impact the traffic flow in my yard?
  • How will it fit in with my landscaping and hardscaping?
  • Does your HOA have any deed restrictions as to how much of the land can be used as hardscape and how much needs to be preserved for green space?

While the amount of space you have has a clear impact on the pool size, it also affects the shape that works best for you. With a back yard that’s a blank slate, pool shape is largely a matter of preference. We can even build a pool if you have a small backyard. If you have existing landscaping or hardscaping, you’ll need to choose a pool shape that plays nicely with your yard’s current features or make the decision to sacrifice any landscaping or hardscaping that stands in the way of your new pool.

Appearance is another issue to consider. Think about:

  • What do I want my pool area to look like?
  • Should I upgrade to pool patio pavers?
  • What impact will my pool area have on the rest of my outdoor living space?

When you envision your ideal outdoor living space, what do you see? Your pool is one piece of that puzzle, so you’ll need to weigh how it affects the rest of your space. As you contemplate pool designs, think about how you want the pool, the pool deck surrounding it, your landscaping, your hardscaping and any other features to fit together, such as an outdoor kitchen or fire pit.

In terms of cost, questions to ponder include:

  • What shapes will make good use of the space I have available?
  • How does shape impact the overall cost of pool construction?
  • What features can I afford to add when the pool is being built?
  • Which features can wait until a later date?

The cost to build a pool isn’t spread equally across the pool. Your pool builder will need to use more materials and labor for the edges than the open areas. When size matters, you can get more pool for your money by selecting a shape that maximizes square footage while minimizing perimeter footage. Curved swimming pool shapes are often a good bet, but it depends on your priorities. Straight-edge pools offer other advantages that might make them a better choice for your specific situation.

Working with American Pools & Spas

As you can see there are lots of questions which must be answered before beginning construction on a new swimming pool. American Pools & Spas offers 3-D design software that allows you to see your new pool before any construction begins. You’ll be confident that your new swimming pool will match your vision for your backyard before we begin construction. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your pool builder offers state-of-the-art options available to you. Stop by our design center today to explore the possibilities and visualize how your new pool will look in your backyard. Contact us today at 407-847-9322 to talk to a design consultant and request a free estimate.