Unique Custom Pool Designs for Your Backyard

Installing a pool on your property is a lot of people’s dream. In Florida, it’s an especially practical move, given the near-constant warm weather and oppressive summers. Not only can it be enjoyable, but it can significantly boost the value of your property (just in case you were looking for yet another excuse to install a pool).

A pool adds significantly to the aesthetic of your property. You might need to clear out some space in the back yard in order to install a pool, which might mean taking down some trees or greenery. However, you can customize the design of your pool and make your backyard beautiful. Here are several examples of customizations common for pools on personal property.

Infinity Pool

An infinity pool gives the impression that there is no edge, and that it goes on forever (as the name suggests). The way it works is that the water from the pool flows over a ledge and into a basin located below the lip of the pool, giving the appearance that the water just flows on forever. Since you can’t see the edge of the pool, it appears the stream just continues, but in reality, it’s being pushed over into a basin which recirculates the water back into the main pool. The appearance of an infinity pool is very high-class, and it’s an uncommon design for a pool, meaning it would be all the more unique for you.

Free Form

If you’re designing a customized pool, there’s nothing that says you have to use pre-existing shapes or designs. One of the most unique ways to make your pool area and backyard pop is to have an unconventional shape. Installing a free-form pool might even be easier, given your backyard. A free-form pool can be contoured around obstacles on your property, so not only will it end up with a one-of-a-kind shape, but it might even be easier to install than other shapes which might require significant landscaping or reshaping of your yard.

Natural Pool

Similar in concept to a free-form pool, a natural pool is shaped to look like a natural body of water. It’s meant to appear like a pond, a creek, or some other small body of water. Typically, they’re round more so than oblong, and like a free-form pool, they might have small contours to adjust to the landscaping around it. Having a natural pool can make your yard feel homelier, instead of feeling like a sunny day beach blowout (not that there’s anything wrong with that). A pool that resembles a pond can be a unique selling point if you were to ever sell your property.

There are several unique options to consider before seeking out pool builders in Vero Beach, FL.