Upgrading to a Paver Driveway

Your footing is only as good as the ground you stand on, or drive on, in this case. When you roll up to your driveway, do the cracks in the concrete drive you crazy? Does the black asphalt look out of place among your pristine landscape and vividly green lawn? Well, if you answered “yes” to either of those two questions, upgrading to a new paver driveway might just work for you.  In fact, those are the typical complaints we hear when someone calls us to upgrade to a paver driveway.

Discovering Interlocking Pavers

If you’ve lived up north, you probably haven’t seen many interlocking driveway pavers. Because northern states deal with freeze and thaw cycles, most driveways consist of asphalt or gravel. Here, in sunny Florida, you’ll see more concrete and paver driveways throughout the neighborhoods. Even under extreme sunlight and hot temperatures, pavers withstand harsh elements; they’re also very durable and resist cracking due to heavy pressure.

We’ve outlined a few of the core benefits of upgrading to a paver driveway, as well as discussing the cost and maintenance to get the job done.

The Benefits of a Paver Driveway

By now, you’ve learned that pavers consist of durable materials, resist the elements and require very little maintenance. Other excellent advantages of brick, stone and concrete pavers include:

  • They don’t need time to cure. Once installed, you can drive on them almost right away.
  • There is adequate water drainage, improving skid resistance.
  • If a paver shifts or cracks, you only have to replace the damaged paver.
  • The paver sealer makes it easy to wash away oil leaks and prevent stains.
  • Pavers come in a wide range of colors and shapes and can be arranged in any pattern.

Weighing the Cost vs. Maintenance

Most people who are interested in interlocking brick pavers quickly discover the price tag. Overall, paver driveways are more expensive than concrete, asphalt and gravel driveways. The reason for this is that pavers are created from high-quality, durable materials and can last upward of 40 years.  Of course, make sure you choose a reputable company who can share their successful installations of previous paver work. You might pay a bit more for a quality paver installation, but it will definitely be worth it.

Whereas pavers cost more than traditional driveway materials, they require the least amount of maintenance. Though you’re paying more for a quality driveway, you’re going to spend less money and time maintaining the driveway. As a result, pavers pay for themselves over the long term.

Let us Install a Paver Driveway for You

For improved curb appeal and overall low maintenance, consider upgrading to a paver driveway from American Outdoor Living.  Go over to our paver driveway gallery and see other jobs we’ve completed.  Then call us for a no-obligation consultation.   You’ll get a new driveway that lasts for years and continues to look as good as the first day it was installed.