Using Florida Glass Screen by Phifer for Outdoor Privacy

From lounging on the sunporch to sunning by the pool, there’s nothing more relaxing than settling into your private oasis. Sometimes, trying to enjoy that sense of seclusion in your personal space can be a challenge. Before you build a taller fence or plant a wall of shrubs to block your backyard view from curious eyes, consider the benefits of an attractive Florida glass privacy screen. American Screen Contractors uses Florida Glass by Phifer. It is also known as Glas-Shield

Secure the Inside While Enjoying the Comfort of Outside
Hanging curtains defeats the whole purpose of a screened porch or sunroom, but you can secure a sense of comfort inside your retreat with an outdoor privacy screen. Florida Glass screen material is an opaque vinyl laminate that lets outdoor light pour in and brighten your space. The effect is similar to frosted glass, and that opens up options for decorating that you don’t get with traditional screens. Rather than walling off one side of the porch to avoid prying eyes, install panels that let you enjoy privacy and sunshine all day long. Design an enclosure with alternating mesh and glass screens for an open look that combines seclusion and interior style.

Expand Your Personal Space
Picture a protected area around the tanning shelf that lets you relax knowing that the neighbors can’t judge your taste in swimwear. Florida Glass screens are designed for vertical installations, so the material is ideal for blocking curious stares without blocking the glow of a beautiful day. From creating a cozy cabana to defining outdoor kitchen and dining areas, affordable privacy screens are very versatile installations. They expand your personal space and add attractive exterior decorating accents that complement your home’s good looks. You don’t want to use Florida Glass for the horizontal panels of your pool enclosure, since water will not seep through because of the laminate.

Enjoy Privacy With Benefits
Florida Glass by Phifer is the preferred option for screen contractors for privacy screen options. The material is a laminated fiber glass screen with a vinyl overlay that makes it waterproof. While most installations are vertical, some homeowners use glass screens as horizontal panels to keep nearby pool fun from splashing onto the sunporch. If you want to use the panels on the horizontal parts of your pool enclosure, make sure your top panels are not completely level and slant down for rain run-off.

The material’s opacity allows plenty of light to filter through into your sunroom or around the patio, and its finely woven mesh and vinyl laminate keep out dust and pollen. Florida Glass screens also let you enjoy your privacy with the benefits of proven durability and virtually maintenance-free care.

American Screen Contractors knows how much you value your personal space. We specialize in creating outdoor retreats for homeowners across the Orlando area, and our estimates are always free. Give us a call at 407-847-9322 for more information about Florida Glass screens by Phifer, and let us put a little privacy into your backyard oasis.