What Could Be Cooler Than a Pool Water Bowl?

Imagine an entire water world in your own backyard complete with an in-ground pool and water bowls creating soothing sounds in the background. A pool water bowl adds life to your swimming space and transform an average pool into a work of art.

Better yet, water bowls don’t just enhance your pool area; they also enhance most any space around your yard for a truly unique look.

Let’s explore the benefits of a water bowl and even adding a pool fire bowl to the mix.  Yes, fire and water do go well together… Especially if creating a backyard tropical oasis.

The Benefits of a Pool Water Bowl

pool water bowlIf you think it’s too late to add a water feature around your pool, think again. Many homeowners wait to add water features either because they have a limited budget when getting started or they couldn’t decide exactly what they wanted at the time. Even if you don’t think that you have the room for a water feature, you’d be surprised just how well water bowls fit into any existing pool design.

Water bowls add visual appeal and ambiance to your pool. The sound of flowing water is quite soothing and will help melt the stress away. These works of art are easy to install, require very little water flow and turn an ordinary pool patio into a luxurious space for swimming, entertaining and listening to ambient sounds all around. Because water bowls come in various shapes, sizes and materials, you can match your pool deck and pavers or mix and match styles for something new and interesting.

We only use the top quality materials that are ideal for Florida climate. See images and a few ways to integrate water bowls into your pool and patio area.

Mixing Fire and Water for More Flair

While a water bowl integrates seamlessly around your pool, a fire bowl creates even more visual appeal in the space. Fire and water go well together, so combining fire bowls and water bowls creates an amazing effect. You can get a pool fire bowl in the same shape and size as a water bowl or create a stacked effect around your pool for an interesting design.

Just a few reasons why adding fire and water bowls to your pool is a good idea:

  • Creates enhanced visual appeal
  • Adds ambient light for nighttime entertaining
  • Produces relaxing sounds as you sit by the pool
  • Mimics the look of a luxury hotel pool

See the many options for fire bowls.

Premium Pool Features from American Backyard Concepts

When you’re ready to add a water bowl or fire bowl to your pool, contact us for great ideas for your space. Whether you prefer onyx or sandstone, you can find the exact material to fit the theme of your pool. We can also help design your space and stay within your budget, giving you something in the end that fits your style and exceeds your expectations.

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