What Is an Infinity Pool?

The professionals at American Pools & Spas know that people love their swimming pools. They’re a wonderful addition to any home and even for some businesses. Pools add a lot of fun, and they’re even great for exercise, or simply for lounging and enjoying your day. However, that doesn’t make all pools the same.

The designers at American Pools & Spas take great pride in putting together a full array of options and mapping out 3D drawings that help every customer know exactly what they’ll be getting, so everyone is completely satisfied. Of course, sometimes people want a little something extra. Not everyone is happy with mixing and matching various selections or features. For many people, and infinity pool offers that special something that other pools just can’t deliver.

What is an infinity pool? Keep reading to learn what makes infinity pools special.

Custom and Unique

Every swimming pool has to be built to accommodate the area that will house it. That’s standard practice, and anyone you hire to design and install your pool should make you aware of that fact. However, an infinity pool requires additional consideration and planning. The “vanishing edge” of the infinity pool and the catch basin have to be engineered for each pool individually. The catch basin accommodates the overflow, and the edge has to be angled and placed correctly in order to generate the proper optical illusion. If anything is off, even slightly, it ruins the effect. This means that no two infinity pools are ever exactly the same, because no environments and no vistas are ever going to be precisely the same.

Perspective and Appreciation

An infinity pool is intended to give you the impression that the water drifts off into infinity, hence the name. Many people fall in love with that view immediately, and other people want an infinity pool in order to enhance and make the most out of an already fantastic landscape. Whatever the reason, the perspective and appreciation of that experience are always of the utmost importance. If you aren’t sure how they work or what all of the fuss is about, you can always look for pictures or visit a showroom. There’s really nothing else quite like an infinity pool.

What is an infinity pool? It’s many things. It’s a custom-designed pool with a “vanishing edge.” It’s also a unique and awe-inspiring experience.