What to Know Before Hiring a Pool Builder

If you’ve finally decided to add a swimming pool to your yard, you will likely be immensely enthusiastic about getting started as soon as possible. Before you begin, however, you will need to commit to some significant research. After you’ve chosen a design and put together a preliminary budget, you can select a contractor who best fits your needs. With dedication to the task, you’ll soon have a wonderful new pool that will provide you and your family with hours of fun in the Florida sun.

1. Choosing a Design
When examining pool designs, you should ultimately choose something that will fit with the surrounding landscape. In-ground pools are quite popular but will take up a considerable amount of space.  Pool shells themselves are usually crafted from either concrete or fiberglass.

Concrete pools take longer to build but are stronger and more flexible. While fiberglass pools may be less expensive initially, you also have less design options.

With concrete pools, you can choose the following types of pool designs:

  • Rectangular pools are superb for volleyball and other games
  • Kidney-shaped pools are often used in cases where families wish to clearly differentiate the shallow and deep ends.
  • Custom design to fit your natural landscaping or wow your neighbors

2. Choosing a Budget
Though installing a swimming pool will undoubtedly thrill all members of the family, you must nevertheless adhere to a budget. In fact, your financial situation might ultimately have an influence on the design you choose.

There are so many choices that will fit within all budgets.  You also might be surprised as how affordable building a pool really is.

If you want to stay on budget,  you might avoid installing some of the more extravagant accessory items such as:

  • Swim-up bars
  • Grottoes
  • Rock waterfalls
  • Slides

But they are cool, aren’t they?

When considering long-term pool costs, repair work will likely come into play. In addition to regular maintenance, you will also have to pay for pool covers, filters and a range of other items. Building permits and insurance will cost money as well.

3. Choosing a Contractor
Having learned about pool costs, you will at last need to hire a reputable pool contractor. You will want to seek advice from friends, family members and colleagues who have recently had experience with pool installation. The Better Business Bureau will also likely have helpful information. During the interview process, you should ask prospective contractors about their building philosophies. Pool contractors who are passionate about their jobs will usually be good hires.  Make sure to seek out any accolades they might have received from their peers or their industry.  American Pools & Spas is proud to be on the TOP 50 BUILDERS in the NATION.

Bringing It All Together

By developing a blueprint for action beforehand, you’ll be able to navigate the pool building process with ease. With a reputable pool contractor overseeing the installation, everything should come together admirably. You’ll be enjoying your new backyard pool in no time at all.