What You Need To Know About LED Lighting Installation In Your Swimming Pool

If you’ve owned your swimming pool for more than 5 years, odds are it’s probably equipped with either incandescent or fiber optic lighting. Have you noticed how over time your pool lighting has sort of faded in intensity and vibrancy? Maybe your pool doesn’t look as nice in the evenings, or you’ve noticed how much ‘extra’ it adds to your electric bill when you use your pool lights. Either way, American Pools and Spas has the right solution for your home and you’ll be amazed by the difference LED lighting makes in your pool.

Replace old fiber-optic pool lighting to new LED lighting system that will transform your pool into a night-time oasis.

5 Major Advantages of LED Lighting

  1. Energy Savings: This is the immediate benefit of updating your lighting to LED pool lights – you can expect your new lights to use about 80% less energy than older types of pool lights. Fiber optic lights use approximately 150 to 200 watts and the incandescent lights use up to 500 watts of energy per hour. In contrast, LED pool lights use between 20 and 50 watts – that’s a huge difference and really adds up to major saving over time. LED lighting costs only pennies compared to incandescent lights. As you can see, simply the reduction in energy bills will help pay for this lighting conversion in a year or two.
  2. Reduced Maintenance: Long-time pool owners know from experience that Incandescent lights must be replaced about every 2,000 hours. Fiber optic lights might last between three to seven years before replacement, but they also require add-on components like motors and color wheels that need replacement. One of the great features of LED lighting is its longevity. You may expect your new LED pool lights to provide maintenance-free, beautiful and soothing light for up to 15 years!
  3. Innovation in LED Pool Lights: Upgrading to new LED’s in your pool or spa has become easier and cost-effective in recent years. Manufacturers have created LED pool lights that will fit in the same place as your old incandescent light. This ease of installation means the whole conversion project can be done without a major commitment of time, and you can enjoy your pool and the pool lighting almost immediately. Additionally, modern LED pool lights will work for most gunite, fiberglass or vinyl pools.
  4. Stunning Array of Light Colors: Aside from the cost-savings, the biggest appeal of LED pool lights are the awesome capability to enhance your pool with new, vibrant colors. Imagine being able to choose from a palette of lush, bright colors and in some cases, program a light show to enjoy during a backyard party. Your family and neighbors will love the experience!
  5. Light Up Your Pool Landscape: If you’re ready to make a big impact with lighting, think beyond the limitations of the pool. Thanks to recent innovations, we can add more LED lights to the 100-watt transformer. This means you can add landscaping lights, water feature lights or outdoor feature lights to your pool deck and patio area. Your entire pool scape will come alive compared to your old fiber optic or incandescent lighting. And no concerns over the exterior placement of these lights – they are kid and pet friendly, plus safe to touch.

Are You Ready To Install LED Pool Lights?

Knowing all the advantages of LED pool lights, especially the tremendous energy savings and durability, it’s clear that LED lighting is the right choice. If you find it’s time to replace an old pool light, please remember that for almost the same amount of money, we can install a new LED lighting system that will pay for itself in short order…and will transform your pool into a night-time oasis. What could be better?!

Have A Pool Lighting Question? If you have any questions about LED pool lighting or simply want a custom pool lighting quote, contact us for help. One of our friendly and professional American Pools and Spas team members can answer your questions and provide more information.