When is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool in Florida?

Many people ask the simple question, when is the best time to build a swimming pool. Anytime! However fall and winter is ideal for Florida weather.

Every season offers potential delays, however the sunny and rainy Florida summers often cause build times to be extended. For example a Florida summer has an average rain index of 4” a week. Also, pool companies reach highest volumes in the summer, many people feel the temperatures and want to swim right away. The Fall/Winter is great with less rain and with only a handful of days reaching freezing we are able to keep a tighter schedule.

What really matters when you build a swimming pool?

Although we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to build when the time is right for you. When making this decision it is important to not only choose the right time but choosing the perfect pool builder. Check out our top “5 tips for homeowners when choosing a pool builder”.

When building a pool, as a homeowner you want to know ahead of time what costs will you incur. Review our different pools and learn about all the options that are available for energy saving and features you can add to help with cost. Research all the “factors of cost” before shopping.

Once you have financially weighed all pros and cons it’s time to allow your dream to become a reality. The items to consider carefully are:

  • Different pool sizes
  • Different pool shapes
  • Which pool features to add.

You can begin with our free consultation and speak to one of our design consultant who will taken into consideration those three different items to consider.

When you see your new pool as a 3D rendering.  it will really bring you into the moment and experience your dream first hand.

Is there a certain time of year that I will save money when making the decision to build a pool?

This is an age old question that will vary per design. However each season has its own pros and cons. No matter the season, the overhead and labor costs remain constant. Material prices fluctuate throughout the year and distributors evaluate all costs of material the beginning of every year

The best advice to build a swimming pool.

Always do your research first. A pool is the 2nd highest investments for homeowners, with this said, a homeowner should not only do research on the size, shape and features, but also on the contractor themselves.

  1. Building a cheap pool is not always the best in this industry.Scam contractors that take your money and never return to the job site – they are out there, BEWARE!
  2. Ask for references or to visit any pools in your area that have been built by your contractor.
  3. Check out our “Top 5 tips homeowner when choosing a pool builder”.

If you’re ready to talk to a design consultant about your dream pool, simply fill out the “Request a Free Estimate” on the right side of the website. or call us at 407-847-9322.