Pool Enclosure Kits vs. Professional Pool Enclosure Installation

Maybe a display of pool enclosure kits caught your eye while you were wandering the aisles of your local DIY home improvement center. Whatever the source, you’re suddenly wondering if a DIY pool screen enclosure is the way to go. After all, these screen enclosures look like simple structures. How hard can it be to install a pool screen enclosure?

Like many things in life, a quality pool enclosure installation is trickier than it looks. Even if you’re a skilled handyman, you might discover that you want to leave this job to the professionals.

Pool Enclosure Design Limitations
With pool enclosure kits, your options are limited because you can only select from the kits available. What if a pool enclosure kit doesn’t deliver what you want?

  • What will your pool screen enclosure look like?
  • What materials will provide the right mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal?
  • How will the enclosure be anchored?
  • Will you be able to access the pool’s mechanical components with it in place?

When you hire a professional screen enclosure company, there’s no need to settle. The professional screen enclosure installation company can create a custom pool enclosure that is a perfect fit for your tastes and your space.  Also, these professionals are familiar with both time-tested products and the latest materials, so they can discuss pros and cons with you and point out options that you might otherwise miss.

Safety and Reliability
How handy are you? Are you familiar with the tools and materials needed to build a pool enclosure? What if something goes wrong while you’re installing your DIY pool enclosure? Will the error cost more to fix than you spent on your kit?  Remember that working around a swimming pool adds an extra layer of complexity to this type of project. In addition to safety, how reliable will the enclosure be against the Florida elements?  i.e. hurricane force winds. Finally, will the results of your DIY pool enclosure kit be something that you’re proud to show off to your neighbors?

With a professional pool enclosure company, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Their team has the knowledge and equipment necessary to ensure that your new screen enclosure is constructed and installed properly without endangering your health or your property. The finished product will make you the envy of all your neighbors.

The Potential for Savings
Pool enclosure kits seem cheaper than hiring someone, right? While you’ll often hear that said, it’s not necessarily true. In fact, hiring a professional might save you money by helping you avoid expensive mistakes.

If the potential for savings is the primary reason that you’re interested in a DIY pool enclosure, do a little math. Add up the cost of the kit, any additional materials required and any tools that you’ll need to buy or rent. Now, consider your time; it has value. How many hours will it take you to gather everything and complete the job? Decide how much your time is worth and add this cost to the others. When you compare the real cost of a DIY enclosure with an estimate from a professional company, you’re likely to find that DIY isn’t the best value.

If you’re interested in enhancing your backyard with a pool screen enclosure, count on American Pool & Spas.  One of the reasons why we offer pool enclosures is to control quality to our clients.  Protect your investment by making sure your pool enclosure will last for years to come.  American Pools & Spas will meticulously engineer and fabricate the pieces for your custom screen enclosure at our Orlando manufacturing facility before installation at your home. Contact us today at 407-847-9322 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.