You Decide: Concrete Pool Deck vs Paver Pool Deck

When you are installing a swimming pool, don’t forget to think outside the pool. What should the pool deck look like? While there are various pool decking options, concrete slabs and pool deck pavers remain among the most popular choices. If you’re trying to decide between a concrete pool deck and a paver pool deck, we’ve outlined the advantages of each type of pool deck for your convenience.  Which one would be the best choice for your new pool area?

Advantages of a Concrete Pool Deck

Surrounding your pool with a concrete slab is certainly an option that many homeowners find attractive. Why is it a consistently popular pick? A concrete slab has one solid advantage. Installing a concrete slab tends to be less expensive than putting in other common types of pool decks.

Disadvantages of a Concrete Pool Deck

When tallying up costs, it’s always important to remember that cost and value are not the same thing. While installing a concrete slab tends to be relatively inexpensive initially, there are some downsides that can make it a poor value. Concrete slabs require regular yearly maintenance and are prone to cracking, heaving, and staining. When these problems occur, fixing them isn’t easy or pretty. There’s also the matter of appearance. While some people appreciate the crisp, uniform look of concrete, others find it boring or unappealing. Stamped concrete could be an option to liven up the pool deck, but you still will have the cracking and staining issues.

Advantages of a Paver Pool Deck

What about a paver pool deck? What are the benefits of utilizing pavers for pool deck construction? For starters, pavers come in a practically endless array of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, and they can be used in various combinations to create everything from classic designs to unique looks. If you want a pool deck that reflects your sense of style or to match the aesthetics of your home, pavers are a great option. Pool deck pavers are also naturally slip-resistant, an important safety consideration for a pool deck. Finally, a paver pool deck is incredibly easy to maintain. There’s no need to seal it. In fact, simply sweeping it or using a hose to rinse away debris is normally all that’s required to keep it looking fantastic. Pavers are quite durable, but if one is cracked, chipped, stained or otherwise damaged, there’s no need to replace the whole pool deck. You can simply have the damaged paver replaced.

Disadvantages of a Paver Pool Deck

The initial cost of installing pavers will likely be a bit higher than the cost for the installation of a comparable concrete slab. Paver installation can also take longer, but this is largely dependent on the complexity of the pattern that you select. Finally, if you are considering a paver pool deck, keep in mind that not all products are suitable for pool decks. If you aren’t sure, ask your pool designer or the contractor installing your pool deck.

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